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These days there are many power couples taking on life's ups and downs TOGETHER. 

Candee Reign and Remixx Unmuted both have the gift of emceeing, from recording to hosting. 

Their choice to create a legacy began as a livestream called, In Yo Lap.  They created a platform to interview live and on location via Ustream in 2011.


“IN YO LAP” is a live internet show hosted by Hip Hop Kulture Specialists Reign & ReMixx.

What started as a joke turned out to be the

most talked  about internet show in Ohio.

The show includes indie interviews, live performances of all genres, new inventions, fashion news, unique products, and  entrepreneurs in the Underground Hip Hop scene to the Mainstream Hustle.


The show began its 4th season in a new location, Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, May 5, 2013.

All past shows can be viewed on Youtube via this link:





The hip hop journey continues.

In fact, together they have written over


60 songs as the organic hip hop duo,


R&R; as well as, live performances with


their hip hop band dubbed, Raw War.


Currently, their music is distributed thru volumes titled,

They Know Who We R.

Volumes I & II can be heard on all streaming platforms.










Both artists have turned down many mainstream opportunities throughout the years as their attempt to

'Reverse the Crossover'

by remaining an independent, underground movement.

Today threy continue to network with others from the underground, grassroot scene taking

one endeavor at a time.


Every year in November, since 2012,

 R&R  brings to the universal soul the 

Hip Hop Declaration of Peace to keep the culture's real intention relevant. 


In 2023, Reign and ReMixx will continue to

interview people of all genres, host private and public

events, release new music, and create content for 

 exclusive media outlets. 

Also check out R&R's products :

seamoss, BBQ sauce, clothing, custom rugs, and more!

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